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Ryan W. - Testimonial:

I had an amazing time hunting with Mike, Deb and the crew. We were treated like family, ate like kings and seen all kinds of deer both muley’s and whitetails. I really enjoyed the different types of hunting. Some days we poured on the miles spot and stalk style. On others we sat in some very nice blinds. We got to see lots of wild life in some gorgeous country. Everyone we met while we were there treated us like locals. To top off an awesome trip I was able to take my largest buck to date.


Troy P.  - Testimonial:

If your looking for a guide that knows deer Mike is it. He has a unique ability to known where and when they will be where he has you hunt. Weather your sitting in the middle of a open sand hill up against a fence post with what seem like nothing around for miles or in a nice cedar hunting blind Mike gets you opportunities. As a hunter that's what I'm looking for, opportunity, I'll do the rest. I don't have the time, contacts or ability to create my own opportunity so I trust SOS to do that for me. Also, Mike is serious hunter, so be ready to hunt! I've had great success with both whitetail and mule deer over the past few years, always in a different location which also shows the thousands of acres SOS has to hunt and Mike's ability to get me in front of the deer. The accommodations are more than adequate with SOS's new pole barn, ranger and local rental homes and apartments to stay in. I highly recommend SOS.


Christian M. - Testimonial:

Mike and his crew quickly became my good friends and hunting mentors while on my trip in the Sandhills last fall. I was blessed to find success within minutes of officially starting my hunt with a beautiful 4x4 muley. The fun didn't end there though, I quickly pivoted to targeting a new favorite species of mine, the Meriam Turkey. I filled that tag on the first sit as well! In short, you will have a great time in the Sandhills

2024 - Mack Fowler - Testimonial: 

Myself and a couple of hunting buddies traveled from SW Virginia to Nebraska to hunt for Merriam turkeys with SOS. We all three had 2 tags each. Several weeks before season Mike contacted us and from that point forward we felt like a priority. Mike operates a top notch operation and makes everyone feel like their needs are a priority. The food was great, the turkeys were plentiful, and accommodations were wonderful. The hunts were eventful, challenging, and rewarding. All three of us were able to tag out while making great memories. Many thanks to Mike and Bill for a great experience!!

John Shepherd, MI

“I have hunted with Mike in 2021 and 2022 on hunts where I trusted Mike with bringing my customers to him on hunts. We have been 100% each hunt with multiple shot opportunities. Mike, Deb, and the guides have become my friends not just guides. They work hard to not only put you on animals but to ensure you enjoy your trip. The Sandhills is a beautiful area with great scenery and a lot of animals. I look forward to hunting there in the future! "

Art Smith, MI

"After hunting many states and Canada, my hunting buddy and I decided to give Nebraska a try for mule deer. We decided on hunting with Mike and Deb after meeting Mike at a hunting show. We hunted the Dec. 1-4 hunt with muzzle loaders. I am 70 years old, hunting deer for over 55 years. I killed the biggest White tale buck I have ever taken on the 1st. day of the hunt and I've taken nearly 60 bucks in my hunting career. Mike and Deb knew where the deer were and put us on them every day. We saw over 15 bucks in the 3 days we were afield. My buddy shot a nice 4X4 Mule deer on the 3rd day of the hunt. The lodging was great and so was the food. We had a great hunt and would recommend Sand Hills Outfitting Service and Mike and Deb to anybody looking for a good time and a great hunt!!."

Brian Braun, MI

“Mike and Deb are great! We were in a game rich area ; and my buddy and I both scored on beautiful bucks! I highly recommend their services!”

Jim Tyrrell, MI

 Awesome hunt! Great food and great hunting. I will definitely be going back. I’ve hunted with a lot of Outfitters in the US and Canada. Mike and Deb are right at the top. Glad I decided to hunt with them. I shot a great mule deer and had a great time. They make you feel like family. If you decide to hunt with them make a stop at Stans Gun shop and get yourself a souvenir!……..I did! Happy Hunting!

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